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Writing update: Editing and…self – doubt

Yesterday, whilst listening to a random, “Concentration inducing” playlist on Spotify, I decided to write an impromptu post. It was about perspective, and the perspective in which we choose to have throughout our lives. The kind of perspective that had been inspired by my latest read, which got me thinking, why have I been neglecting… Continue reading Writing update: Editing and…self – doubt

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Oftomes: The Starbright series by Hilary Thompson

My blogging schedule may not be the best at the moment, but I always enjoy sharing bookish news with you…especially news which involves my favourite micro-publishing company Oftomes! Do you enjoy reading dystopian books as much as me? Perhaps you are getting tired of the classic trilogy, and want to read something more. Lucky for… Continue reading Oftomes: The Starbright series by Hilary Thompson