Goodbye to Coffee Shop Dreams

A year ago, I started a new blog because I was afraid that this one had become too personal. I wanted a fresh start. A platform that actually represented who I was at that point in my life. Graduating university was a life change I could never have prepared for,  but it was also a … Continue reading Goodbye to Coffee Shop Dreams


My new blog is here!

Hey everyone, As the title so aptly suggests, I have a new blog! 'Writing Her Way,' is the new (and improved) version of this very blog, and I would be so pleased if you would go and give it a follow. If you liked my posts before (possibly years ago when I was more active … Continue reading My new blog is here!

The art of living without writing creatively…

I can’t remember the last time I sat down, laptop at the ready, with the intent to write posts all day. I’ve written assignments, notes and reminders. I’ve compiled emails, tweets, and texts. But I haven’t blogged, or edited my book for what  feels like forever. And here’s why... I started taking writing seriously age … Continue reading The art of living without writing creatively…