Just a brief introduction

Hi everyone,

I am just an average eighteen year old girl who aspires to be an author. For a while I have wanted to create a blog but just never managed to take a leap of faith and do it. At first I couldn’t decide what to write about which is why I intend to include many things such as books I am currently reading, places I have travelled or intend to travel to, things I enjoy baking as well as the everyday stresses a teenager feels. If you’re wondering why my blog is called ‘Infinite daydreamer’ then it is simply because I spend way too much time with my head among the clouds. I have a self confessed addiction to social media, especially twitter, which seems to consume too much of my time and like many I love watching YouTube videos. I daydream about the possibilities of life whilst uncontrollably complaining about the reality of it. I hope that maybe you can relate to some of these things and will continue to read my future blog posts.

Until next time keep dreaming. x


7 thoughts on “Just a brief introduction

  1. Dear Melis,
    Your writing is excellent! You are very descriptive and to the point. I am somewhat amazed by the level of your writing at your age, but I shouldn’t be if my guess is correct that you live somewhere in the UK. I am used to American teenagers, and very few I have met are up to your wonderful capabilities. Keep at it!
    PS: I loved Istanbul also and my best friend from years ago, whom I met in Paris, was born there.


  2. I like your features a lot, especially the tag-line “keep dreaming…” etc. Daydreaming and imagination are priceless gifts that keep on giving us access to things in life that “practical” and “down-to-earth” are good qualities, but limit us to the mundane.

    Great idea for your monthly favorites. Do you mean choices from your own work, from other blogs, other sources…or just anything that strikes as “favored?” I like the way you are working toward a cohesive work of art in your blog that has substance and relativity, as well as fantastic and surreal.

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    1. It’s always nice to get positive feedback so thank you. As far as my monthly favourites are concerned, I mainly intend to write about other sources (basically anything from favourite foods to a book I have loved reading). However if there is a blog I have particularly enjoyed that month then I won’t hesitate to mention that too. 🙂


  3. oops, I got carried away there and lost part of my sentence. I was trying to say that daydreaming and imagination open windows that we often lose when we are stuck in the more mundane. Sorry…


    1. Its okay i enjoyed reading your comment regardless and have just read it taking into account this part. I hope i answered your question properly 🙂


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