Changing Continents in Turkey

During the summer I travelled around half of Turkey , witnessing breathtaking10491133_664917276921022_2967590592585562281_n views, soaking up the sunshine and visiting family since I’m half Turkish. It was a wonderful experience and I even got to visit Istanbul where I had chance to literally change continents from Europe to Asia within a day. I would definitely regard this trip as life changing and something unforgettable.

10375080_664917256921024_4397538628289363337_nThe places I visited included Antalya, Eskisehir, Sivrihisar, Istanbul and Izmir. All were wonderful and had something different to offer.

After getting off the flight in Antalya, me and my family drove what seemed like forever to reach Eskisehir, which is one of my favourite places. At night the streets were lit up with fairy lights and the city glowed with excitement reflecting exactly how we felt. The next day we visited Sazova park and an aquarium which seemed to contain basically all of the fish shown in the Disney film finding Nemo.  I can’t help but mention that the shopping facilities were pretty great too.

Sazova Park
Sazova Park

A few days later we got back in the car and drove to Sivrihisar which holds a lot of sentimental memories having been the town where my grandma had lived. One of my favourite things about this small town is the view from the mountains which are absolutely stunning. They are the type of views that many people have missed out on and I am very grateful to have had the chance to see them for myself. After a brief stay with more family members we got back in the car and set off for Istanbul.

Having now visited Istanbul I can understand why so many people marvel at its beauty because it really is visually breathtaking.  The first thing we did when we arrived was visit Camlica Hill which gave an amazing view of Istanbul in its entirety. Despite a little bit of fog we were still able to see the Bosphorus Bridge and other landmarks in the distance.

View from Camlica Hill
View from Camlica Hill

The next day we became stereotypical tourists taking pictures of the many places we got to see. These included the Blue Mosque, Topkapi palace and Taxsim square.Having stayed in Istanbul for a few days we had chance to go shopping in one of the many lavish shopping centres. This is also where I got to see a lot of designer shops with beautiful window displays.  I enjoyed every moment I spent in Istanbul but the highlight was definitely visiting the Sapphire. The Sapphire is the tallest building in Europe and we got the chance to see the sunset whilst stood on top of the roof. It was like something out of a movie . Even the pictures may look like something found on Google images but I am happy to report that I had the chance to take them myself. It is a place that I highly recommend visiting because there truly is something for everyone. Before we knew it we were leaving Istanbul and driving to Izmir.

The Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque
iphone 128
View from Topkapi Palace
Sunset view from the Sapphire
Sunset view from the Sapphire

We only stayed overnight in Izmir before driving back to Eskisehir and we spent the entire time with family. Due to not really exploring further there isn’t a lot I can write about however I must add that the weather was perfectly sunny. Turkey is naturally a hot country with much better weather than England but some areas are much hotter than others. Whilst in Eskisehir we experienced some summer rain with a comfortable amount of heat but this all changed as soon as we reached Istanbul and eventually Izmir. The weather then became unbearably hot but at least it helped me get a holiday tan.

Our decision to spend our last few days in Eskisehir was due to the fact that we loved it there so much. The hardest part was the day we had to leave to drive back to Antalya airport and eventually home. Anyone with family abroad will understand that goodbyes are never easy to deal with. Regardless of this I am just thankful I got to visit them all. My visit to Turkey may not seem like the typical beach holiday that so many people seem to enjoy but I found it to be a very worthwhile trip. Although the weather wasn’t always perfect  it didn’t put a dampener on the overall holiday (no pun intended). I now have memories which will last me a lifetime and I wouldn’t have changed it.

Until next time keep dreaming x


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