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Just another aspiring author

Everyone has dreams, which no matter how big or small, are significant parts of our lives. It’s no secret to anyone that knows me, that mine is to become a published author. That is why in my first blog post and everyday life I refer to myself as an aspiring author. The word ‘aspiring’ sometimes has negative connotations. People assume that you are just a hopeless dreamer that will forever aspire to be something but never actually achieve it. However everyone who has been successful has aspired to achieve something. They set their goal and accomplished it. Therefore I hope that I will do the same. I know that there is the possibility of not succeeding, nevertheless I don’t think there is anything wrong with having some hope and self belief.

Throughout school, English was the subject I was best at. I could never draw or paint and maths was definitely not my strong point. Initially this sparked my interest in writing, although it isn’t my reason for continuing it as a hobby.  My favourite type of writing has remained fiction ever since I was little. Non-fiction books,which are something that are needed, can make for an interesting read. However the idea of creating something people enjoy reading, which is entirely from your own imagination, seems amazing. 

I may never get a book published or I may decide in the future that being an author wasn’t for me. Nonetheless I will continue to write as a hobby and enjoy the writing process.  Maybe one day the unfinished story on my computer will turn into a complete book on the shelves of my favourite book shops.

Until next time keep dreaming x


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