Late night writing is the best kind of writing

I thought of the idea for this blog post during a late night writing session. Coincidence? I think not.

Over the past two years I have spent many nights during the school holidays typing away on my laptop instead of catching up on my sleep. This is mainly due to me not having much time to write creatively through the day. As well as the fact that at 12 pm I don’t have to think about all the work I should be completing for college.I would definitely say that at the moment it’s the only time where I can write freely without feeling guilty. So until I have time to write at ‘normal’ times through the day, I will continue to appreciate these little late night writing sessions.

Many people believe that writing at night isn’t beneficial. I admit fatigue can sometimes result in me having to correct a few shameless typos but it has its perks too. I enjoy everything about sitting  and writing when the world around me is sleeping. There’s no traffic or TV shows to distract me. There’s no need to prioritize social things such as seeing friends.  If I’m not sure about an idea I type it out anyway and leave it for another time.  My random thoughts suddenly form into ideas and anything seems possible. Without these late night writing sessions I would find myself neglecting my hobby; inevitably succumbing to the fact that creative writing isn’t a necessity.

I can understand why some people may disagree that late night writing is the best kind of writing. However for me personally it has been a great way to continue my hobby alongside my college work. It’s something that I appreciate and it’s something I enjoy.  Therefore it’s not something I will be giving up anytime soon. Do you like writing at unconventional times? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time keep dreaming x


8 thoughts on “Late night writing is the best kind of writing

  1. I have always found that for me the peace and tranquility that comes when the world is sleeping around me to be the most creative time of the day. I also feel much more awake and alert, my productivity increases thrice-fold, and I am downright smarter. When my oldest was in middle school we realized that late at night was when his cognitive processes were sharper as well. Unfortunately for him, daytime is when school occurs. If we’d homeschooled, perhaps we could have worked with a schedule and teaching rhythms that worked best for him. My son’s very obvious intellectual changes between day and night led my entire family to believe that indeed some of us are wired to be night owls while others are wired to be early-birds. The world needs all of us for true balance to be achieved after all.

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    1. I guess some of us will always be night owls. I especially love how calm it is on a night because I can’t seem to concentrate very well in busy environments. 🙂

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  2. Being Bipolar and sometimes struggling with sleep issues I’ve been up very late writing my short stories. I would put on an old hammer Dracula movie and start writing a story at two in the morning. I prefer all times of the day but it’s best for my health not to be late night writing but I admit it’s fun and I’ll probably be doing it again if I struggle with sleep again. I agree with you on how great the night time is with the silence. Very peaceful.


    1. I think writing without all of the distractions throughout the day is so much better. Although I sometimes have to put my laptop away because we all need a good nights sleep.


      1. Sleep is important. I guess the afternoon is my favorite time to write. From noon to six. I am usually full awake by then and things are calm at home and it’s fun. I find movies to be very inspirational to my writing.

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  3. I feel night time is the best time to write, or for anything at all! The peace and quiet at night, along with some wonderful instrumental music makes life beautiful and writing even more fun! 🙂 I can completely connect with what you’ve written! 🙂

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