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Halloween just isn’t for me

Halloween’s fun everyone says. It’s not even scary some people say. I wish I could say the same now. So I’m a fourteen year old teenage girl called Autumn. Yes my parents did name me after their favourite season. Tragic isn’t it? Unfortunately that’s not the only thing that makes people laugh at me. I’m shorter than most year 9’s, I often struggle to go a week without tripping over my own feet and I literally have made myself jump at my own shadow. The saying ‘you wouldn’t dare say boo to a ghost’ is sadly true. So I’m guessing by now you are starting to realise why Halloween isn’t exactly my favourite part of the year.

My parents had high hopes for their only daughter at Halloween. They love nothing more than carving pumpkins, dressing up and going to haunted houses. The only part I’ve really enjoyed this year is the pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. When I was younger, Halloween was really fun. I’ve dressed up as a pumpkin, a witch (Hermione Granger to be exact), a princess and an alien. I’ve also been a load of other random things when my parents decided to just get creative and make me a one of a kind costume. Those were the days when I would watch Halloween Town on Disney channel and go trick or treating so that I could eat double my weight in sweets. Now Halloween isn’t seeming quite so fun since this year my friends are insisting that I go to this haunted house with them. How will I cope?

I’ve dreaded this night for the past week. I’m not dressed up in a costume this year which is of course making my parents rather disappointed. Instead I’m wearing my thick coat, a scarf, some black skinny jeans and converse. It’s helping me pretend that it’s just an ordinary night in Autumn…but it’s not.

They knock on the door at exactly 7 pm. The haunted house is only a short drive away and I start to get nervous because the last thing I want to do is show everyone how much of a wimp I really am. I don’t say anything as they chatter about how excited they are and how it’s supposed to be even scarier than last year. I feel like I barely blink before we’ve arrived at our destination.

I’ve paid the fee to enter and I’m standing at the door. ‘Come on then Autumn, if you don’t walk in soon Halloween will be over?’ they say in almost complete unison. So I take a few steps forward into almost complete darkness. I blink a few times to adjust my eyes to the sudden change in surroundings and stumble forwards. Suddenly the lights flicker and I can now see a dimly lit corridor with fake cobwebs covering every wall. This isn’t too bad. So far so good I think to myself.

I start to walk at a normal pace down the corridor and it actually doesn’t seem so scary. Nothing has jumped out at us so far. Actually apart from a few fake spiders it just seems like this is a derelict old house. We laugh at how shamefully lame this haunted house really is. Do I dare say that this is actually quite funny?I’m about to walk straight ahead when I see a sign hanging on the door. It reads ‘open this door if you think you’re brave enough’. Now I remember why I don’t like attending these things I think. Yep this is where I scream, run and probably make a fool of myself.

My friends are so excited that they open the door  before I have time to turn around. The door has barely closed behind us when all of the lights go off. Consumed by darkness my heart beats irregularly and my palms begin to sweat. Then we hear ghost voices, the lights flicker and I feel as if spiders are crawling all over me. A long time passes before the dim lights come back on. However now I’m wishing they had stayed off as I see a large group of people, dressed up as zombies, walking towards us. Then a siren starts going off and the only other thing we can hear is ‘Warning-evacuate’ repeatedly in a screechy voice. We scream and look for the exit as the lights flicker on and off in an irregular motion. I grab hold of the door handle and we all practically fall out of house. The fresh Autumnal air hits our faces as we all start laughing.

In that moment I realise something. My friends are just as much of a wuss as I am. I was worried this whole time that I would embarrass myself in front of everyone but that doesn’t actually matter at Halloween. It’s the one night in the entire year where we can all openly admit that we are scared of things that don’t even exist. We can play dress up no matter what age we are and eat sweets to our hearts content. So yes haunted houses do actually really frighten me but …Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do?


9 thoughts on “Halloween just isn’t for me

  1. Haha, once I went to this haunted house where as soon as we entered, we could hear ghost noises and a kid crying (like the one in the horror movies) and a terrifying hammering/banging sound. The fact that pitch black didn’t help either. Being the pansy that I am, I stood there for about 2 minutes and exited right away. Made a fool outta myself AND wasted the entry ticket!
    Great post, by the way 🙂


    1. Thanks! I must admit that i would be exactly the same because haunted houses scare me too haha. I just wanted to write something different for halloween and i’m glad you liked it 🙂


  2. Lol. Can I just say how awesome this post was? I too went to a haunted house ONCE, but it wasn’t Halloween,I’m an Indian, we don’t celebrate that (although I wish we did) and I was aware beforehand that all of us were equally scared to death.

    And I remember I spread out 4 of my fingers and mentally named them after the four of us, in order to decide who’s gonna go in the line first (it was very narrow, we couldn’t walk in a group) and luckily I wasn’t first (Pheww.)
    Although it scared me to death, especially when a zombie came out of a coffin and yelled a loud, reverberating “Baaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!” over my face, and there was a loud scream that echoed “Run for your life!” a thousand times (like I couldn’t hear it the first time) I ran like lightening and within 5 seconds was out screaming, laughing and a completely flushed face, it still is a sweet memory and makes me laugh every time I think of it.

    So, what I wanted to conclude from the above rambling was that I could relate to everything you wrote above. And hey, everyone is scared of something or the other. Just because you’re AFRAID doesn’t really box you in a single personality or trait.

    Loved your blog and loved this post.
    Aakansha. 🙂


  3. Loved your story! Very well written. Being a writer of horror stories I love Halloween I’ve watched horror movies way back since I was five. I own tons of horror movies. Halloween brings back good memories when I was fourteen I dressed up as the wrestler The Ultimate Warrior and ran from the top of the hill to the bottom of the hill at my friend Deanna who fell over laughing. It was a good memory. These days I have fun handing out the candy to the young trick r treaters. I remember very young going to a haunted house with my family and being scared. It was fun though. Halloween used to be a scary night to me now its just fun.

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      1. I love short stories after my episode in 2010 I couldn’t write novels anymore instead I started doing short stories which was a blessing it gave me a chance to be more prolific and try out other genres. It wasn’t until the last two years that I had a lot of free time due to health problems to write but I took advantage of that free time and wrote a lot of awesome short stories. Your story was great keep up the good work!

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