The 90s : Amazing memories but terrible fashion

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Salad Days.”

The 90s were such a good time for lots of reasons. Firstly, I was a toddler so I was living a rather fun and carefree life. Secondly, shows such as the Teletubbies were still on the TV. My obsession for that show got so bad that I had practically every toy that was related to it…including the lunchbox (yes I was that cool). It was the time before everybody owned an Apple iPad because we had Nintendo Game Boy’s and we didn’t need anything else. Computers and technology didn’t control what I did because all I needed was my imagination to create my own games. The fashion was a little bit crazy at the time but at least I was a toddler and I can blame my mum for it.
The truth is I couldn’t think of a specific memory from the 90s. I was born in 1996, so I was only four at the time of the Millennium. However I just remember it being such a fun time. Toys and TV shows such as Barbie, Betty Spaghetti and Out of the Box are things I will never forget. Did you find the 90s as fun as I did? Let me know in the comments and…
…until next time keep dreaming x

7 thoughts on “The 90s : Amazing memories but terrible fashion

  1. I just had a look at your blog and I love your title and tagline. It was fun to explore your site a bit! In response to your latest post (I’m a little behind on the blogging101 assignments) I don’t remember much of the 90’s either but I loved Out of the Box and I had a prized Nintendo Gameboy also 🙂 I nanny for 3 kids right now and I can’t help but think that they’re missing out on the good days playing outside while they’re consumed with their Ipads.

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    1. Thanks for commenting. I completely agree that kids do miss out when they are just sat playing with their ipad. I’m glad someone else loved out of the box too because i can still remember the theme tune. 🙂

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  2. woah there… the music kicked ass! Nirvana, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins… Alternative was born. The music was rad. Also, old school rap is the best rap. I was also a teenager in the late 90s… a goth teenager. oh the days, haha.

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  3. I wholeheartedly disagree with that music statement. Some amazing music came about in the 90s, especially after coming from the worst decade of music in rock history, the 80s. Ill take Nirvana over Foreigner any day. Also who doesn’t love sporting Umbro’s and slap bracelets?

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  4. I too was born in 1996 and Teletubbies was one of my favourite shows. The old Cartoon Network was the most viewed channel throughout the world. I used to watch Samurai Jack, Swat Cats, Tom and Jerry, etc. Those were the good old days.

    Today’s children are too much obsessed with electronic gadgets. They will recall their childhood as playing Temple Run and Subway Surfers.


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    1. I also loved watching Tom and Jerry so those were definitely the good old days. Although kids today would probably think that our favourite cartoons were poorly presented.

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