Sending birthday wishes to my sister

The 6th of December may not be a very important date in your calendar…but it is in mine. Today is my sister’s birthday and I would like to dedicate a blog post to her. Up until recently we have spent our birthdays together, but having now graduated and moved away for her new job this year will be very different. For the first time I won’t be seeing her face to face so I wanted to do something a little different. That’s why I thought an impromptu blog post just for her would make this birthday just that little bit more special. So here goes nothing…

…the top ten reasons why my sister means so much to me ( I promise it’s all true)

1) She’s the only person that seems to know me better than I know myself.

2)If twin telepathy is a real thing then we must have sister telepathy since we always seem to guess what the other one is going to say.

3) We have the same sense of humour so it doesn’t even matter if we’re the only ones laughing.

4) Without her I don’t know who I would sing a Frozen duet with (We have perfected ‘do you wanna build a snowman?’ even if I say so myself).

5) I know that apart from my mum and dad, she’s the person that will always be there for me no matter what.

6) Without her fashion advice I would have had quite a few fashion disasters.

7)She somehow makes me want to motivate myself when I’m procrastinating during exam season.

8) She helps me achieve what I want, advises instead of instructs and doesn’t say ‘I told you so’ when my plan doesn’t work out.

9) Ever since I was younger, I’ve always looked up to her and seen her as my role model. Whenever I see her succeed it makes me want to achieve my own goals even more.

10) She’s my life best friend because everything just isn’t as fun without her by my side.

Listed above are just a few brief reasons why my sister means so much to me. Since she’s also really supportive she will most likely read this post today and hopefully it will make her birthday just that little bit more special. This may just be another random blog post to add to the collection but that’s basically what my blog has been like from the start. Also I hope that it has been  a refreshing change for you to read something with a slightly different topic to usual.

All that’s left to say is a big happy birthday to my sister. I hope this blog post reflects just how important you are to me.

Until next time keep dreaming x


One thought on “Sending birthday wishes to my sister

  1. That is a very sweet and thoughtful thing to post for your sister. Sounds like you have a great sister. I am glad you guys are close and such good friends. Family is important. Hope your sister had a great birthday!

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