Expectations: Limitless or Limiting?

Expectations seem to control life as we know it. They are a significant and sometimes all-consuming part of life. Everyone seems to view them differently. Sometimes they cloud our judgments and prevent us from just being ourselves. Sometimes they encourage people to achieve something they had never believed possible.

For me personally I can’t really decide whether they make me feel limitless or limited. I can’t distinguish whether they make me want to achieve more or just the initial goal that had been set. I recognise that they can make us want to achieve things that others don’t believe we can. They can inspire us and give us a sense of purpose as we strive for success. However they also place unnecessary pressure on humans to be something we’re not.This idealistic concept that fulfilling expectations is enlightening isn’t always true. It seems to be a never-ending circle of achieving or failing…or an eclectic combination of both.

The truth is that we blame the media and society in general for giving us unnecessary expectations to live up to. Unrealistic images and lifestyles are imposed upon us everywhere we go. If it’s not in a magazine then it’s on t.v or social media. However these aren’t the only type of expectations. I would say that personal expectations are even worse than those created by society. These are the ones that always seem much harder to achieve. Why is it we are always so much harder on ourselves?

So, you may be thinking…what is the purpose of this blog post?

I’ve always thought that expectations held me back because I don’t work well under pressure…but they don’t. It isn’t the expectations from the media or society that makes my life more difficult. This whole time I have been preventing myself from theoretically taking a leap of faith. They are never going to be something that are entirely positive or negative. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try to revise for that test because you think you won’t pass it anyway. However, if it’s an unrealistic and unwanted burden on your life… why are you trying to live up to it?

Just think to yourself next time you or someone else expects something.No matter which way life takes you, it is an inevitability that there will be another expectation waiting around the corner. You just have to be ready to face it /challenge it and learn to deal with it.

Until next time keep dreaming x


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