The eve of my birthday

Today is the eve of Christmas eve and therefore the day before my eighteenth birthday. I must admit that I am quite happy to be finally turning eighteen for a few different reasons. First of all, seventeen has kind of been an awkward age. The fact that it is sandwiched between your ‘sweet 16th’ and 18th birthdays never really helped either. Then there’s the fact that I always preferred even numbers and 8 used to be one of my lucky ones.  Lastly, special birthdays  are just so much more exciting than the regular ones (I realise this is probably one of the most obvious things I have ever written).

So, yes I’ll be classed as an adult now…sort of. Maybe it’s just me but the fact it still ends with ‘teen’ always seemed quite contradictory. Regardless, I’m excited for what the year will bring and of course for Christmas in two days! All that’s left to say is I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and…

Until next time keep dreaming x


3 thoughts on “The eve of my birthday

      1. Your welcome I am glad you had a good birthday in a couple months I got the dreaded 3-1 coming up. 31 ahhhhhh. I’ve accomplished a lot in 30 years, graduated college and did all that writing, made a lot of great friends, met some real cool people who didn’t stay in the picture and ive maintained friendships over 25 years.

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