What does it really mean to be a writer?

I recently read a tweet written by a girl called Kimmy West, who is a journalist, YouTuber and the site founder of Page to Premiere.com. I actually found it inspiring enough to write an entire blog post about it which is a big deal since I haven’t done anything like this before.

The tweet itself was a response to the question ‘How do I know if I am suitable to be a writer?’ and the answer…

 “You want to write. So, you write. Ta da! You’re a writer!” ~Kimmy West

… was probably the most encouraging thing I had heard all day.

You may think this is rather random of me to write a blog post about an answer which for some people is completely obvious. However, I think the colloquial way she responded was just genius.

A few years ago I decided that I would love to write professionally but I accepted that it was probably unlikely. I started to keep a journal, write a book and even a few poems in my spare time but it wasn’t enough. Despite wanting people to read what I had written I was too scared of them saying that I didn’t have what it takes. This tweet just reinforced what I now think it takes to be a writer and it was really refreshing to read. It made me realise that when I started this blog in August 2014 I took a leap of faith. I didn’t know whether anyone would actually enjoy reading my blog posts but I had decided that I was going to do it anyway.

You don’t become a writer when your book gets published but when you have the courage to write and finally believe in what you’ve written. I hope that after reading Kimmy’s response and this blog post you won’t ever need to ask the question ‘How do I know if I am a suitable writer?’. Never give up on your writing because you will never know the ending of the story if you are uncertain about writing the start. Believe in yourself and…

…Until next time keep dreaming x

Here is the link to the Page to Premiere website – http://www.pagetopremiere.com/


20 thoughts on “What does it really mean to be a writer?

    1. Thankyou for such a wonderful comment. I completely agree that reading and writing more often will make me a better writer and luckily I do plenty of that 🙂


  1. I would laugh off the idea of being a professional writer if anyone asked me a few months ago. but now if anyone asks me, I really don’t know. I only know that writing is probably the only thing that keeps me sane.

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    1. To tell you the truth I used to do the same but then I thought that there’s no point in hiding it anymore. It’s definitely something that allows me to fill the time instead of just wasting it like I used to.


  2. Hi, Melis. Just clicked over from my blog post on Live to Write – Write to Live & I couldn’t agree more with what you said in the comment above: “Everyone has to start somewhere.” And then I’d add that each of us has to keep taking one step at a time – learning, practicing, falling down and getting back up. Being a writer is not something you do once. It’s not something you can put a check mark next to as though it’s “done.” Being a writer is always an evolving process … a work in progress. That’s the frustration and also the beauty of it.

    It’s also the reason that even when you are feeling like you haven’t “made it” (whatever that means) you are STILL a writer. You are just a writer at a different part of the journey. Maybe you’re a beginning writer or a newly professional writer or a closet writer or a published writer or whatever. No matter the circumstance, you are still a writer. Period.

    Nice work. Thanks for commenting over on my corner of the web & good luck on your journey!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and for commenting. I always appreciate finding out what people think about what I’ve written (it’s one of my favourite things about blogging)


  3. ” I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still.” -Sylvia Plath

    I think all of us here can relate to this and call ourselves “writers”. For me it is a passion that will not be contained. Keep writing and own that you are indeed a writer 🙂

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    1. I love that quote it’s something I’ll definitely be taking note of. It’s so great to know that people can relate to what I’ve written and I agree with you that writing is a passion that can’t be contained. I will always continue writing regardless of whether it’s just on my small blog or on a grand scale 🙂

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  4. I’ve been writing for fourteen years and never had one piece of writing published but my writing makes me happy. Having written 19 novels and 450 short stories I continue to want to write more. I like writing stories for my friends. I put them in the stories as characters. It cheers them up when they need it. A lot of them suffer from mental illness and a story can uplift you on a real bad day. A lot of good has come from my writing as it helps me cope with my own mental illness and make others feel better too who suffer from mental illness or are going through a tough time. Being published doesn’t matter to me I am happy with what writing has given me as it stands.

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    1. I think it’s great that you use your writing to make others feel better. I always enjoy finding out what writing means to others because regardless of whether we want to get published or not, we all share the same passion for it.

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      1. True writing makes me feel happy. I felt most happy when I see my writing makes others happy. My friend Amanda lost her dad recently and I wrote a couple stories for her. I wrote for Ashley who is struggling with her mental illness and trouble with her marriage. Chanel is my friend’s six year old granddaughter who is autistic her story ‘Chanel’ will always be my favorite story. It means a lot to Chanel being in my stories and I love that she enjoys my stories. As writers we have a gift and we get to share it with those who we care about and those who need it.

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