My first blog award!

I started this blog in August 2014 and I have enjoyed every moment of my blogging experience so far. I love expressing myself on a more public but friendly platform, interacting with fellow bloggers and getting the opportunity to read some excellent blog posts along the way. At the beginning I was nervous to share my writing with others, especially people who weren’t my immediate family or friends. However, after receiving a lot of encouraging advice and feedback I feel much more comfortable clicking that publish button now.

A few days ago I was nominated for the Liebster award by Katie from ‘My life as Katie’.

Here is a link to Katie’s blog –

This award goes to blogs with less than 200 followers and I was thrilled to receive it. Now it is my turn to answer the eleven compulsory questions and  nominate at least another eleven blogs.

How did you decide on the title of your blog?

I created the title ‘Infinite Daydreamer’ for many reasons. Firstly, as I have mentioned a few times before, I seem to always have my head among the clouds. I wanted my title to reflect this creative side of my personality and make my blog for dreamers such as myself. It was also influenced by the type of blog I wanted to establish and the topics I aimed to write about. Being an aspiring author has sometimes been perceived as unrealistic, which is why I wanted my blog to also openly support the idea of trying to follow your dreams.

Whilst taking part in Blogging 101, I wrote an entire blog post based on why I chose my title. I have linked that blog post below if you would like to read it.

What is one word that sums up the heart of you blog and why?

I read the question and considered it properly for literally a few seconds before I knew my answer. The one word that I feel sums up the heart of my blog is hope. I write about being a dreamer and aspiring author regularly on my blog, which is entirely centered around my hopefulness. I’m hopeful that I will one day achieve my dream and be writing for a living. I hope that my blog can inspire others to go out and chase their dreams without being discouraged by others. I hope that my blog remains a positive place and that people continue to enjoy my blog posts. The truth is that without hope it is easy to take on a defeatist attitude, which is the opposite of what I wanted to achieve, as I strive to create a positive blog for the optimists and the dreamers.

What are your favourite pastimes besides blogging?

I’ve never been very sporty or even musical so this isn’t going to be a very long answer. As you’ve probably already guessed I really enjoy reading, especially anything which is considered a YA dystopian. I also watch many TV shows such as the Vampire Diaries and love nothing more than a good chick flick. In those rare moments when I have quite a lot of free time I also find myself baking because it’s something I’ve always liked.

What is your favourite aspect of blogging?

I would say I love it all but I’m going to try to be specific. My favourite aspect has to be interacting with other bloggers. It’s a great feeling when you wake up on a morning to a positive comment on your blog. To know that people from all around the world have taken the time to read what you spent hours creating. It really does give you a boost of confidence and on more than one occasion it has definitely made a hard day at college seem not so bad.

Which project, recipe, or idea on my blog would you most like to try yourself?

I really like the idea of your ‘trail mix’ blog posts. I currently have a monthly favourites feature on my blog, which I admit is quite similar. However, if I ever find that my monthly favourites are too long then I wouldn’t hesitate to publish those types of posts weekly/more frequently. They are the types of posts that I have personally really enjoyed reading 🙂

Here is a link to a ‘trail mix’ blog post written by ‘My life as Katie’

Where does your blog inspiration come from?

I want to be able to name a specific person for this question but it’s quite difficult. Before I decided to start my own blog I didn’t really read many blogs. In fact, it was only on rare occasions that I decided to read the blogs of my favourite authors and YouTubers. That is why I am actually unable to properly answer this question. I started this blog to express my own passion for writing which wasn’t necessarily inspired by anyone in particular.

What is one country you would like to visit and why?

There are so many different countries I would really like to travel to so I spent a while considering this question. However, I inevitably decided to choose America. Ever since I was younger it was always somewhere I wanted to go, which was partly due to the fact that I watched so many American TV shows on the Disney channel. I have definitely thought about specific places I would want to go to. A few of these places include: New York, California (especially Los Angeles), Tennessee and Florida (I really want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter). Also, no matter how geeky this may seem, I really want to go to a Barnes and Noble bookstore because we don’t have them in the UK.

If you have children, what are their names? If not, what are your favourite boy and girl names?

I don’t have any children but my favourite names are Amelia and Oliver.

A long-lost relative leaves you a large sum of money. What do you do with it?

I would really love to say that I would save it for a rainy day and seem sensible but that’s not the truth. However, I would not spend it on material things but experiences. I would use the money to travel to the places I have always wanted to go. This would allow me to live a real life adventure. My Polaroid camera and journal would be some must need essentials for my travels and I’m sure I would greatly enjoy documenting my experiences along the way.

In your opinion what’s the best blog post you’ve written so far and why?

My favourite blog post is ‘Just another aspiring author’. It was one of the earlier posts I published on my blog and it was one of the most enjoyable to write. It was the first time that I fully expressed my love for writing and my hopes for the future. I remember writing it and realising that this really was one of the main reasons why I had decided to initially start a blog. I have linked the blog post below if you would like to read it.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

In five years time I would really like to have graduated from university and have a stable job. I realise that answer may seem boring and unimaginative but I’m trying to be realistic for a change.I hope that if I’m not writing full-time, which even as a dreamer I know is unlikely, I will continue to do it as a hobby. I don’t want to find myself reading my old blog posts in five years time and regretting giving up on something that at the moment I am so passionate about. I’m currently an eighteen year old who believes anything is possible and I hope I will feel the same way in five years time.


I have already chosen two blogs that I would like to nominate for this award which will be linked below.

I have also enjoyed reading a lot of other blogs as well but unfortunately they have more than 200 followers and I am unable to nominate them.

I realise that I still need to nominate quite a few blogs. However, I have altered the rules and decided to nominate at least 5 blogs. So, if you would like the chance to be nominated for this award and have less than 200 followers then all you have to do is comment below. Your comment must include the name of the award so I know you would like to be nominated and something relating to either this blog post or my blog in general. I always appreciate any useful feedback I receive.

I will inform you on your own blog if I have decided to officially nominate you (will most likely be a comment on your about page). After that all you will have to do is answer these eleven questions and try to find another eleven blogs of your choice to nominate . Good Luck and…

…Until next time keep dreaming x


11 thoughts on “My first blog award!

    1. Hi, I’m going to wait and see how many people comment and then decide who I am going to nominate. Sorry if I was unclear above but you do have a chance of being nominated 🙂


  1. thanks for letting me know about the leibster award 🙂 btw i couldn’t help but notice your favorite pastimes except blogging section. did you watch “Orphan Black.” i still can’t get it out of my head. :/

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  2. Hi there! I honestly don’t know if I have too many followers or not (Twitter says yes, stats say no), but I have to say that this is exactly the reason I started blogging. I love the democratic voice of the Internet; the fact that I can connect to anyone in the world and hear what they have to say. I love that I can hear the voices of people who have things worth saying, even though we’re not super-famous, or have the money and power to get the attention of the masses. Technology is the great equalizer, man.

    Nice to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If your stats show that you have less than 200 followers then you are eligible for a nomination. I also love blogging for similar reasons. I should be deciding who I am definitely nominating in the next week and if I am nominating you I’ll most likely comment on your blog. Thanks for commenting it’s nice to meet you too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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