I won another award!

I was pleasantly surprised when I recently discovered that I’d been nominated for the versatile blogger award. I would like to therefore start by saying a big thank you to the lovely https://starlightdaydreamer.wordpress.com Having previously won the Liebster award, it was really encouraging to know that another blogger had also enjoyed reading my blog enough to nominate me.

The rules of this blog award are as follows: 

– Show the award on your blog.

– Thank the person who nominated you.

– Share seven facts about yourself.

– Nominate 15 blogs.

– Link your nominees’ blogs and let them know.

Here are the seven random facts about me…

1. I’m a Capricorn and my birthday is actually December 24th a.k.a Christmas eve.

2. The hunger games trilogy was definitely the series of books which sparked my love of reading. I’m still obsessed with the book/movies and am the proud owner of all three of the Mockingjay pins.

3. I’m a self-confessed procrastinator although I would consider the level of my procrastination to be very selective. Despite my best efforts, I often find myself writing a blog post instead of a literature essay. Both are similar theoretically but twitter doesn’t seem so distracting where my blog is concerned. 

4. I have a serious obsession with stationary. I often buy new notebooks that I don’t need but simply want and I always enjoyed shopping for a new pencil-case and pens etc in September before school started. 

5. I’m a coffee lover who also enjoys a nice cup of tea every now and then. Everyone assumes that British people are avid tea drinkers but you may be surprised to know that Starbucks is a very popular place in the UK too. 

6. I’m still hoping to receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter even though I’m 18 and would technically be in my final year at the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Who wouldn’t want Hagrid to say “Yer a wizard”? (I realise it would be more accurate if he said “yer a witch”)

7. I’m a hopeless dreamer. I know this fact is kind of obvious since I named my blog “Infinite daydreamer” and mention following my dreams way too often in my blog posts. However, it really is the best way I would describe myself. The future and change always scared me but lately it has also been the thing that is making me excited. I want to live in a world where anything is possible with hard work, hope and belief in our own capabilities.

That’s all of my facts done. Now all that’s left is the nominations. This award states that I should nominate 15 other blogs. However, since I couldn’t think of that many I have just chosen a few that I really like. 

Until next time keep dreaming x


7 thoughts on “I won another award!

    1. Every time you win an award you have to nominate a certain amount of blogs so that the award can continue. The blog that nominates you is most likely to link your blog in their post and then further inform you of your nomination by commenting on your blog. I hope that makes everything clearer for you 🙂

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      1. You are technically a winner if you get nominated. When a blog nominates you they are essentially giving you the award. I hope that makes sense even though my explanation isn’t great.

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