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Opinions: Sharing them vs Hiding them

Opinions are more than controversial. You either choose to offer them, impose them or refuse to reveal them. All of which are most likely determined by your personality. Those who don’t hesitate to say what they think may be unable to understand why people sit on the fence; seemingly refusing to defend themselves. Whereas those who seek not to take part in conflicts, take sides, say things in spontaneous moments of life, think that sitting on the fence is exactly what they are entitled to do. I honestly can’t really categorise myself into either. Maybe you could say that I am ironically ‘sitting on the fence’ in this blog post but… I don’t consider this to be right.
There was a time when I was much quieter and didn’t often say what I thought because life just seemed easier that way. I allowed someone to take away my confidence, hurt me with comments and leave me feeling isolated. However, contrary of what you may think,it wasn’t the school bully that made me feel this way… It was someone I considered to be a friend. A few years ago I sat on the fence. I wouldn’t offer my opinion during arguments in fear that I would suddenly become everyone’s target to shout at. I didn’t stand up for myself and tried to block everything out. The saying “ignorance is bliss” fitted wholeheartedly into my life as I tried to deny that I was miserable.  However, there came a point of realisation. I realised that this person I called a ‘friend’ wasn’t really a friend at all. Whilst I was sat at school crying over what they had said to me, they were growing in confidence, embracing the power they had over me. Thankfully, the day came when I offered my opinion and broke away from the shy girl that they had made me become. So now when we see each other in the corridor we look the other way. We speak to each other only if we have to. We coexist not as friends or classmates but as humans who understand that conflict cannot go on forever. After all, isn’t life too short?
Now I’ll cut the story short. The day I realised that I hadn’t been standing up for myself was the day that I finally noticed what everyone else had been saying to me for years. I’d been oblivious to everything. In actual fact the only time I’d offered my opinion was to defend this person and say they were misunderstood. They weren’t misunderstood. They were mean and the taunting was relentless. I would laugh it off at school because that’s what your told to do but there’s only so much you can take. It felt great to eventually offer my opinions. To take a stand and not be seen as such a pushover.
However, now I fear that I am too willing to offer these opinions. I don’t impose them upon people but sometimes I find myself offering them without hesitation. I want to find a balance. To sit on the fence when it’s not worth it to say anything and to say something when necessary and only when necessary. Opinions are important. They can change the way in which you are perceived. They can change lives entirely.
What do you think about sharing your opinions? Let me know in the comments.
Until next time keep dreaming x

7 thoughts on “Opinions: Sharing them vs Hiding them

  1. I don’t mind sharing my opinion, but I am careful about it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and some people will agree and some will disagree. I understand that, but some others don’t; that’s why I’m careful about it. I don’t hold it in, though.


    1. That’s a good mindset to have and I would like to think that I am like that too. I definitely consider other people’s feelings and try to see things from other people’s points of view even though it can be difficult sometimes.


  2. I always offer an honest opinion when asked keeping those who asked best interest in mind. I think it’s very important to stand up for yourself and let your voice be heard. I wouldn’t never share my opinion if I felt all it would cause an endless debate or something not worth my energy. I think everyone had a voice and it should be heard. I understand there are sometimes you are better off sitting on the fence though.


      1. Yea some people are very disagreeable and when it pertains to some subjects better to leave for your opinion out of it if nothing good will come from it. but standing up for yourself is important and your opinion always deserves to be shared then.


  3. I started my blog for some of the reasons you describe. I am very chatty and blessed/cursed with a loud, authoritative voice which my personality doesn’t back up. I actually am not very opinionated and yet, everything I say sounds so. However, when I write down what I am thinking and saying, people do listen. I am still no good at confrontations or standing up for myself but, writing does help. In social situations, I prefer to take the easy way out and ignore things. It is not ideal but, it is all I can do.


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