#DearMe – A letter to my younger self

When I was on YouTube recently I noticed that many #DearMe videos were being featured on YouTube spotlight. It was late when I discovered them and I was tired but I decided to do my own written version of the videos anyway. I understand that at eighteen this may seem a strange thing to do. However, I think that when you’re a teenager a few years really can make all the difference.

Dear me,

I want to help you believe in yourself. I want to make sure that you will start looking forward instead of down. This beautiful world that I know you want to explore cannot be fully appreciated when you never properly look up or around. Stop caring about people liking you and worrying if they don’t. Be brave enough to share your opinions instead of trying to ignore them and lock them away.

Start writing more even if it’s only about the things you never manage to say. Go find that notebook that’s completely empty. Scribble notes for reminders. Write poems when things go wrong in life and you’re angry and upset and the tears are flowing. Capture those stories in your mind with those words that you grasp for but can never speak.

Don’t shy away from challenges but embrace them and let them shape you into a better person. Make yourself more confident and stop trying to stay invisible. Strive to achieve those dreams that you have and stop being afraid of the inevitability of change. It will only consume you and make you nervous if you let it do so. Your life and your happiness are determined by you so start trusting your instincts and your own capabilities. Never give up on being the person you are and the person you want to be.

From your future self

Until next time keep dreaming x


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