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Communication: Talking vs Texting

Communication. Social interaction. The process by which we solve problems, make friends and survive life. Some of us social butterflies enjoy nothing more than having a good chat with a friend. Whereas, those of us more socially reserved would consider it not to be our strong point. The truth is that regardless of whether you love or loathe it, you just need to do it.

I recently realised that not everyone understands the importance of communication. Apart from the rare text or message via social media they don’t feel the need to take part in face-to-face aka efficient communication. That is why I have really started to contemplate the question “what does good communication really mean?”.

It’s no surprise that as a modern teen I have absentmindedly became someone who can’t seem to leave their phone alone. I text, tweet, Instagram photos, message people on Facebook and send snapchats but I rarely ring anyone to have a verbal conversation with. I think that if you can’t meet someone face to face then calling them on your phone is the next best thing. Yet even with that view I still fail to do it myself. This is something I want to change.

Something I am most definitely aware of is the fact that texting creates rather than solves problems. Have you ever had an argument with a friend which you later resolved? Did they text you something which really annoyed you? The worst part is that most of the time this little argument is fueled by the process of texting. The problem with written communication is that you can often interpret things the wrong way.Β That’s why, in most cases, the best way to solve problems is to simply talk through them. Violence is not the answer…conversations can be.Β IMG_0408

So put your phone down and stop typing. Pick up the phone and have a conversation with the person you were just about to message. We all overlook the importance of efficient communication. Life is stressful enough without having to deal with problems which could often be solved easily. I’m going to try to text less and talk more and if you want you can try it to.

Until next time keep dreaming…

…and communicating x


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