Being socially awkward

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a complete introvert, yet I can be socially awkward sometimes.

I admit that I’m naturally a quiet person. The kind of person who enjoys spending days writing blog posts and watching Netflix by myself. However, I am also someone who loves the idea of socialising with friends. I’ve come to realise that in order to live the kind of life that I want, I need to become more confident and outgoing. This is something, which is great in theory, but hard to actually achieve.

Today was my last day of college and after we had left, me and my friends joined other people for celebratory drinks. I did have a lovely time and it was a really good end to what have been seven enjoyable years. However, even surrounded by familiar people, I started to feel self-conscious and that prevented me from just letting go.

The truth is, I’m more socially awkward than I realised and that is something I dislike about myself. I want to be able to dance, sing and just have fun without thinking about what other people think. I want to be that girl that everyone knows for being self-assured. I want to be me, but a more confident version of myself. I want to be so much more than I am.

On the 19th of June I will have my final exam and officially leave college. Presuming I get the grades I need, I will be starting my university experience with a mixture of excitement and nerves. So, as a personal goal, I really want to get involved and become more sociable to make the most of the opportunities that will become available. Let’s hope that this time I will actually manage to succeed.

Let me know in the comments if you share my socially awkward qualities.

Until next keep dreaming x


11 thoughts on “Being socially awkward

  1. Yes I do. I have anxiety and have trouble in social situations. I spend most of time writing short stories at home and watching movies, wrestling and horror movies. I have tried meetups and they are fun when you have a friend with you. Do they have meetups in UK? Or something similar? It’s a group of people who shared a interest and can meetup and enjoy that interest together. Easy to break the ice. I have a horror movie fan meetup. I love horror films and not everyone cares for horror. Sorry to hear you feel socially awkward. I am sure many people would want to be your friend. You are a very kind person, very beautiful girl, good listener, great writer, very intelligent, nice, charming, very driven, very serious and dedicated person when it comes to her future which you have a great one coming. and a great personality. So I don’t think you need to worry I am sure anyone that meets you will see you are great and if they don’t they are blind.

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      1. They might be worth giving a try you can always leave if you don’t feel comfortable. I would bring a friend though that would take the pressure off as it’s hard getting introduced to a whole new group of people. But if you find an interest like a movie group or karaoke group you can go with the groups singing at places and going to the movies which are fun things to do.


  2. I am a socially awkward introvert. I also just finished my second year at university surrounded by a bunch of really good friends. Sometimes you really just have to rip off the band aid and put yourself out there. But by the same token, don’t deny yourself time to be alone. It is not a bad or wrong thing to want to have some quality time with yourself, so don’t ever trick yourself into thinking that! Perhaps, as an icebreaker, you could invite people to come and watch netflix and have food with you. That way you can blend two things that you enjoy!


    1. Thanks for the advice! I’ll try to keep a balance between putting myself out there and having time to myself. Glad to hear that you have a good group of friends at university 🙂


  3. I feel like I’ve just read an extract from my diary … I know that exact feeling, as it’s something I’ve been trying to overcome everyday. I’m still trying to get to a place where I can go out somewhere, to somewhere populated, and not need someone I know in advance by my side. Even the thought of it right now makes me anxious. I’m not there yet, and I’m not sure how long it will take me to get there, but I know I’m on the way!
    I also know how confusing, lonely and isolating it can sometimes feel (or maybe that’s just me?),so if you ever need someone, I’m here! But if you find a cheat sheet for being confident and self-assured, please pass it along!


    1. Thank you for commenting because it’s so good to know other people can relate. My friends are definitely like a security blanket for me at the moment and I’m trying to become more socially independent. If I ever manage to find that cheat sheet I’ll pass it on 🙂


  4. If anything, I’m it is my extra socializing butterfly self that worries me. Socializing stimulates your growth and empowers your experiences. It is good for your soul. Go for it, you are already brave enough to blog about it 🙂


  5. Lovely post ❤ I can see myself in it.
    Well the answer for me is building self confidence and step by step just letting my full self out. Not letting myself be discouraged by strange reaction of others, or at least keep going. The parts I'm insecure about I personally actually find cute so I slowly make myself getting used to express them like 'If anyone reacts offended than they have a problem, not me'.
    It's not an over night process to learn trusting yourself but patience pays out and every step feels better 🙂

    Much Love

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    1. Hi Fill,
      Thanks for commenting. Sorry for such a late reply but it was due to the fact that up until recently I’d been completing my exams. After reading your comment I think I will start taking your approach to social situations from now on 🙂

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      1. Hey ♥
        Don’t worry things take their time 🙂 I wish you all the best for the exams/ hope they went all well.
        Keep shining and believe in your inner endless strength (no matter how weak we feel sometimes, that’s okay and a part of life. Inside we’re always okay and there we have a place to go to and recharge) 🙂 ♥

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