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Sunday 31st May – Quote of the week

"Sometimes on the way to a dream, you get lost and find a better one"

Until next time keep dreaming x


One thought on “Sunday 31st May – Quote of the week

  1. This quote applies to me. I had a dream of playing basketball all my life up to age sixteen I was a great player than I got diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and was put on a truck load of meds. I could no longer run with excessive weight gain and I had to come to terms with my basketball days were all but over in the hospital I discovered my talent for writing as I wrote hundreds of poems very creative and just came easy to me. I wrote the book the next year and continuing writing books until I switched to short stories. I love writing and I am glad I got that dream instead. What always makes me laugh was when I was at the college campus and I was walking with my dad and the head coach of the U-Mass Boston mens basketball team stopped me to try to recruit me. I told him we win it all if he had me on his team and he told me to come back and see him. It left me with a good feeling though physically anyone could see I wasn’t in the best shape he saw the player in me and the passion.


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