My book recommendations

If you’ve read my previous blog posts then you will know that the dystopian genre is by far my favourite. It all started after I finished reading the hunger games for the first time, which inspired me to start reading more. However, since then I have enjoyed many other books from different genres too.

Here are 5 books that I absolutely recommend you read:

1. Where rainbows end – Cecelia Ahern

 Since I read this book a few years ago, the title has been changed to ‘Love,Rosie’, but the amazing story has remained the same. Although it’s not a short/quick read, it is most definitely worth the time. Last year it was adapted into a film starring Lily Collins and Sam Clafflin, which I am unfortunately still yet to see. Nevertheless, the book always has more detail so if you want an adorable, yet heart wrenching contemporary then this is the book for you.

2. The Declaration – Gemma Malley

 This futuristic dystopian has had mixed reviews and doesn’t seem to have gained very much popularity. However, despite the main character sometimes being slightly annoying, I still thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and the rest of the trilogy. Sometimes it’s nice to read a book which is more underrated, as then your opinion can’t be swayed by abundances of 5* reviews.

3. The other hand – Chris Cleave

 The blurb specifically says that you can’t tell anyone what happens so I’m not going to. It’s more serious and emotional than books I usually read but it is overall absolutely amazing.

4. Eve – Anna Carey

 I absolutely loved this book! After finishing it, I immediately wanted to buy the next book so that I could find out what happens to the main characters. If you enjoy dystopian sci-fi novels then this is the book for you.

5. Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead

 This is the 1st book in a series which totals 6 books, however, this is probably one of my favourites out of them all. The story line and characters in general are much better than some vampire books *cough Twilight cough* for starters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Twilight hater, there was a time when I was twelve that I liked them books, but things change, people change haha.

Now, back to vampire academy, an overall excellent start to a really great series. Yes it was adapted into a film which got bad reviews but don’t let this stop you from reading it. Also, unlike some people, I actually enjoyed the Vampire Academy film, even if it was much more light-hearted than the books had originally been portrayed as.

I hope you enjoyed this post as it is a little different to what I usually write about. Let me know in the comments if you would like to read more book related posts in the future.

Until next time keep dreaming x


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