It’s holiday time!

I’ve now been on holiday for a few days but I’ve just managed to get wifi to publish this post.

Monday 13th July…

Today is the day that I get on the plane and fly off to Turkey for two weeks! After experiencing something of a heat wave in England, the current rainy weather is making me oh so excited for a change in scenery. The packing is done and I’m ready to go, but first I want to share this post with all of you 🙂 

Hand luggage essentials for me… 

Here are just a few of the things I am packing in my hand luggage. These items are mainly to prevent me from getting bored, and to help me stay feeling fresh and comfortable.

Plane outfit…

Simple and comfy is the look I’m going for today as I paired my British summertime Hyde park t-shirt with leggings and converse. 

I’ve already mentioned this in my last blog post ‘life updates’,but just in case you didn’t read it, I have scheduled a few posts for when I’m on holiday. That’s basically everything except…

…until next time keep dreaming x


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