My little treasures

Today’s writing 101 one-word prompts really got the cogs in my mind turning. Whilst reading the list of words on offer, treasure was definitely not my first or obvious choice, but then I came up with this blog post and my decision was made.

I personally have many treasures,  which may not be of great value to the outside world, but to me are utterly priceless.

My treasures include:

  • The last pair of shoes my Granddad ever bought me.
  • My favourite childhood doll.
  • My very first journal.
  • Home videos
  • A postcard from my Grandma in Turkey.

These are just a few of the things I consider to be my treasures.

Ask yourself – What do you consider to be a treasure?

Until next time keep dreaming x


14 thoughts on “My little treasures

  1. I too have a childhood doll. She belonged to my Aunt Twilah and she passed her on to me when I was about 7. I named her Diane Louise. Even though she is a composite doll in poor condition; and even though my daughter calls her “the doll from hell,” i cannot part with her. It is agreed (when the time comes) Diane Louise will join me in cremation. thanks for sharing! GinaBlue

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