Everything passing by

For this writing 101 task I wanted to write a piece of fictional prose. I chose this photo because I really love the way it represents the epitome of city life. 


I blast music through my headphones to escape the noise which irritates me, but can never make me hate the place that I call home. The silence of my cold,empty apartment, otherwise being masked by the craziness of the outside world.

Car lights make it impossible to see the stars as I sit on my bed, staring out of my window at the congestion that never leaves and the pedestrians that never slow down.  

Time moves slower than the passersby or the music beat, but I still find myself staring relentlessly for a while. I don’t focus on anything in particular, but instead the vast nature of the city that surrounds me and so many others. I think about what it must have been like before these buildings and roads became synonymous with our little patch of the world. I think back to the time when the city resembled the silent emptiness of my very own apartment. How strange a time that must have been. 

Eventually, the human part of me grows restless and succumbs to an overpowering sense of fatigue too strong to ignore.

As I complete mundane tasks and close my curtains, shutting out the view and all that encompasses it, I find myself thinking that cities were never meant to switch off or go to sleep like the humans that inhabit them. I turn off my music and close my eyes to the dulled out sound of life outside these walls. Sleep overcomes me, but so does the comforting realisation that my empty apartment will never make me feel alone, not as long as it exists in a place filled with everything, something, always passing by.

The end.


I really enjoyed encorporating storytelling into this blog post and I hope you did too.

Until next time keep dreaming x


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