Twitter inspiration – Procrastination vs Writing

Throughout this post I refer to writing as the form of creativity. I understand that many other things can be considered creative, but in order to make it more personal to me and my blog, I wanted to specifically discuss the effect procrastination has on the writing process.

Well this really got me thinking. Can I say both?

Everybody needs a break, no matter what they are writing, so I think that some procrastination can create a healthy balance. However, too much, and those creative juices are more likely to freeze, something which isn’t going to be greatly helpful.

As someone who is all too good at procrastinating, I think it often serves to be more of a hindrance to me. I know all too well that when you reach a difficult patch in the story, all you want to do is stop writing and ignore it for a while. Trust me, I literally did this for nearly half a year. The key thing to remember is procrastination is only remotely useful when done in short bursts, otherwise it can just turn into complete laziness! So, next time you feel like procrastinating, do it because your mind needs a sight break, and not because you are giving up on the story inside your head.

Those who don’t write will never understand the mix of emotions involved in creating those first few drafts. The excitement when you complete a chapter and the frustration when you’re trying to figure out where to take the story next. Just remember, writing is more of a marathon than a sprint. Don’t rush it, but don’t give up halfway either, because the end product will give you such a sense of pride that it will all be worth it in the end.

Until next time keep dreaming x


10 thoughts on “Twitter inspiration – Procrastination vs Writing

  1. I’m the same, so definitely relate. I often have epiphanies to the story I’m writing when I’m procrastinating. But then there are times I’d go weeks/months away from it, mostly because I find myself stuck, staying away from the story much longer than I intended. Still, I always jot down any flash of insight to plot, theme, character, etc, that I want to explore and write about, when I dust off the pen and get back into the writing ring.

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  2. What an awesome post and great quote. I’ve taken over a year on the draft of my current novel and most of it has been due to some weird force that keeps me from writing as much as I want to. But I’ve really been committed myself lately and honestly, blogging has played a huge role in keeping those creative juices flowing because as long as you’re writing something, you’re better off than if you’re just sitting there wishing you were inspired.

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