Oftomes publishing announcement

I was really pleased for YouTuber Ben from ‘Benjamin of Tomes’ when he announced that he had started his own micro-publishing company. When Gabriella Lepore’s book ‘Secrets in Phoenix’ was revealed to be the first book the Oftomes company would be publishing, I was quick to add it to my ‘to-read’ shelf on Goodreads.

So, when the opportunity to become a part of the Oftomes team was madeย available, I immediately decided that I wanted to join.

Now without further ado, I would like to reveal some very exciting news!

Gabriella Lepore’s book ‘How I found you’ was released today and is now available for kindle and paperback purchase! After receiving amazing reviews for her novel ‘Secrets in Phoenix’, I don’t doubt that this will also be another successful book.

Goodreads links: (click the book title)

Gabriella Lepore – How I found you

Gabriella Lepore – Secrets in Phoenix

Until next time keep dreaming x


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