Finding inspiration…

I realised a little while ago that I was feeling rather uninspired to write, which I blamed on university and my new schedule of course. However, reflecting on everything, it would be wrong of me to continue to believe that the major changes in my life are to blame, when it is in fact myself.

Writing is as complex an art as any other, and it needs to be as carefully prepared, and considered, as much as a painting on a canvas. However, instead of writing up plans, and metaphorically drawing the pencil outline, I have just been splashing the paint onto the page, hoping it will become something magnificent to look at, or in literary terms, read. Just like other artists I am in need of inspiration, whether that be a muse in the form of a person,place, or in this case hobby.

Now, onto the reason I decided to even start writing this post.

Recently, I have taken up a new hobby…painting. Now, before you all eagerly await pictures of my artwork, please take into account that I am not going to be the next Picasso. At the moment, painting is just a stress relief activity, which keeps my imagination alive,ย and inspires me to continue writing.

It would seem that ever since I labelled myself as an aspiring author, the pressure of such a label made me want to do anything but write, something which I am hoping to finally overcome.ย I want to write stories that immerse people in a fictional world and inspire them to read more. I want to have my books on the bookshelves of my favourites bookshops and help inspire more people to follow their dreams. But, in order to do so I need to keep writing, keep striving towards my ultimate goal. I know it’s highly unlikely that I’m going to finish writing a book and become an instant bestselling author, but if I continue to not write, that will be an impossibility anyway.

So, here is my advice if you’re an aspiring writer or creator of any art…

In order to feel inspired to create the art you desire, you must first explore other forms of art that will similarly enable your imagination to come alive.

Before I end this post, here are some pictures of my most recent paintings.

Until next time keep dreaming x


5 thoughts on “Finding inspiration…

  1. Nice paintings! I tried drawing for some stress relief and to take a break from writing. I didn’t draw masterpieces but the drawing was fun and it was a new outlet. Good for you for trying out new art forms. I’ll have to try painting. The writing will come to you and remember you got plenty of time to work on your writing and break into the literary world which I believe you will make it there. Good luck at school and with the painting and writing, Take care Melis!


  2. You are amazing. I am an artist, at least that’s the school I go to. Finding inspiration can become hard. Even if it’s for small things. What I wanted to say is, I never enyoyed reading something like this post. And good for you that you tried different art forms. Have a great week:)

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