Saying goodbye to the classic ‘life plan’

“Life isn’t all about planning, or working to survive, it’s about living life to its fullest and learning what truly makes us happy”

I guess you could say I was inspired to write and this is the product of my all consuming thoughts.

I’ve talked a lot about my dreams, aspirations, and the fact that writing makes me feel more than just another human slowly making their way through life. However, I have often chosen to overlook the reality of becoming a writer because I was afraid it would leave me feeling daunted and uninspired. Insecurities aside, I know that it’s uncertain, and unpredictable and just because you think you’re good doesn’t mean that you will automatically become a bestselling novelist. Just because you publish a book doesn’t mean you’ve accomplished all of your goals. Sometimes the story within your head can’t surpass the brief synopsis you created one sleepless night. Sometimes you spend weeks, or months, or years, typing away on your computer, only to realise that you should have spent your time completing another project. Does this now discourage me? Does this make me want to follow the life plan that I’d once created for myself? The answer is no.

I applied to university because that is what society expected of me. However, that doesn’t make me regret my decision to choose higher education over an apprenticeship, or getting a job. I’m grateful for the biggest reward that my English degree will ever give me, asides from job prospects, time. I have just under 3 years, possibly 4, to figure out the story within my head, or the daunting prospect of a publishing career, before I actually have to embrace career driven adulthood. For me, that is a privilege that I intend to fully appreciate and utilise. If my first term of university has taught me anything, it’s to put aside rigid life plans, and at least try to consider the idea of being spontaneous.

Now since I’ve mentioned writing, I might as well be more specific. Recently I surpassed the 12,000 word mark on my new WIP (work-in-progress) and I haven’t felt so happy in a long time. Is it a big milestone? No. Is it a milestone? Yes. I think that is the most important piece of advice that my 19 year old self could currently offer. In order to be successful we must reward ourselves for achieving the small milestones. The ones which will eventually contribute to something much more significant.

Whether it be career or life-plan related, I would be really interested to know what your viewpoint is. If you want, let me know in the comments.

Until next time keep dreaming x


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