Book review -Gabriel and the Swallows 

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Oftomes publishing team and I am very happy to support yet another lovely author. Yesterday was the official release date for the novel Gabriel and the Swallows by Esther Dalseno, which has since became an Amazon #1 bestseller! 

Disclaimer – I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of the novel to read and review. All views expressed are unbiased and entirely my own.

My review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

An intriguing, unique and complex story that captured my heart throughout. Gabriel and the Swallows is most definitely unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It was a delightful read which made the reality of the Orvieto setting seem so much more beautiful and magical within the premise of this fictional story. Plus, the wide array of characters, and Gabriel’s ever-changing perspective of the world around him, continued to make this book even more interesting.

It’s very rare that an author is able to portray the kind of character growth that Gabriel goes through, which is a testament to Esther Dalseno’s wonderful writing style. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed being transported into the setting Dalseno created, and swept along as if I were the girl with the swallows wings.


I highly recommend that you buy yourself a copy of this book because it was an amazing read! In exactly a week I’m hoping to attend the Queens Park book signing with Ben, the founder of Oftomes publishing, and Esther Dalseno herself. If I do get chance to go then I will most definitely be blogging about my experience.

Until next time keep dreaming x


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