Pierce Brown’s book signing 

Last month I was lucky enough to attend Pierce Brown’s book signing in Birmingham, which was a lovely experience that I’m happy to be finally blogging about.

On Thursday 25th February, halfway through my visit to Oxford, I got on a train to Birmingham feeling excited about finally attending my first book signing. Upon arrival, me and my sister found our way to Waterstones, which was six floors and quite frankly a bibliophiles dream. I took my seat, chatted absentmindedly to my sister, and waited for the Q&A to begin.

Having only finished reading Red Rising (book 1 in the Red Rising trilogy) before the event, I was apprehensive about this part of the signing, especially since the idea of having Golden Son or Morning Star spoiled was an ever-present possibility. Luckily, as Pierce answered the audience questions, and gave aspiring writers some invaluable advice, I was relieved that no such spoilers were revealed.

After the Q&A, there was a Nerd off between Pierce and the audience, which was most definitely the funniest part of the night. It was not only fun to take part in, but dare I say, entertaining as Pierce’s competitive nature became apparent. Just in case you were wondering, the audience were victorious, although I’m pretty sure Pierce would disagree.

By the time it got round to getting my books signed, I’d already felt like the journey to Birmingham was worth it. Overall, Pierce seemed like a genuinely lovely person and made sure he made time to speak to every individual who had attended. Having heard about his many rejections from writing agents, he was already a positive role model for writers struggling to remain resilient. However, after the encouraging advice I received, I can conclude that he could make any aspiring writer believe in the idea of publication.

Until next time keep dreaming x


2 thoughts on “Pierce Brown’s book signing 

  1. Thank you for sharing. I have recently been thinking about book signings: whether they are worth while to the author and what readers get from/enjoy about them. You have gone part way to answering those questions.

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