Superficial life problems 

The title of this post could refer to many things. Our lives are filled with such problems, and like so many, I often waste my time complaining about them. However, this isn’t about any superficial life problem, this is about the newest one I’ve faced. After all, nothing gets more superficial than hating on a social media website for changing the most inconsequential part of the app…aka the logo. 

Now, before I continue, I’m not ashamed to say that I really dislike the new logo, and have wasted part of my life telling other people about my dislike for it too. Nevertheless, I know that like so many others, I’ve also seemed to forget what Instagram actually is, and how unimportant such a change should be.

Say goodbye to the classic camera and hello to a multi-coloured, overly photoshopped, and futuristic version of itself. Basically, your phone will never be subjected to such a dull colour scheme again. Does this matter? The answer should be no. Does our society think this matters? The answer is most likely yes. 

Instagram is an incredibly popular social media website that enables us to share snapshots of our lives. It’s the kind of easy to use app that has soon become my favourite, surpassing even Twitter and Facebook. Yet, for some reason, even I forget that it’s a social media app in it’s own right. The kind of app that enables people to impose their happiest moments on anyone willing to click the follow button.

The truth is, like so many others, I enjoy posting photos and videos of the good days. The days where I went somewhere new, met up with friends, or could be bothered to actually do my makeup. It’s fun to post photos, share memories and dare I say, receive likes in return. Does that make me self-centred? Maybe a little, but aren’t we all? 

Now before I lose track of my thoughts, I wanted to make sure that I expressed the very reason I started this post. Instagram is a social media site. It thrives upon sunny days, perfect moments, and quite often, unrealistic expectations. Selfies are filtered. Sunsets are staged. The great day out with friends was spent taking pictures of your meal before you ate it, or capturing a group photo that one person probably ended up hating. It’s all carefully selected or changed so that it neither represents the spontaneity of life, or the fact that we are all flawed beings.

The old camera logo represented what Instagram used to be. In a time when people weren’t as bothered about creating a theme but were more concerned with sharing their favourite photos. We live in a world that promises rainbows but gives us rain. The new logo represents a fresh start for Instagram, and if anything, shows how far it has come.

What do you think of the logo, or even this post? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time keep dreaming x


9 thoughts on “Superficial life problems 

  1. Ya know, what’s funny. I knew the logo changed. But, to be honest I don’t think I would have cared or even thought about it unless I read about the backlash on the internet. I love Instagram. I think I like it better than facebook. I love everyone’s photos and funny hashtags. I wish the company well because I love them so much.

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  2. I prefer the old logo compared to the new logo. The layout of the ‘old’ Instagram was much better and easier to use compared to the new one.
    The logo reminds me of one of those backgrounds that you can get on ‘Microsoft presentation’
    I feel like Instagram (and social media in general) create a ‘false’ view of peoples lives. As they always include positive moments and creating ‘that’ perfect selfie. What it doesn’t show is that people’s lives aren’t always ‘perfect’ as they make them out to be.
    Instagram can make people more self conscious and what people don’t realise is that ‘one’ perfect selfie the person probably taken lots of photos to get ‘just one’ picture.
    A lot of people on Instagram now have started doing ‘themes’ and not just posting ‘random’ pictures etc.

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  3. Interesting post – I never thought of how Instagram is everyone’s best days and most exciting moments…very true. I’m ashamed to say that the new logo did fluster me for a moment when I saw it. Too flashy and bright for me. I actually enjoy reading people’s thoughts on the social media craze (that I am guilty as being a part of as well).

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I guess it’s just difficult to avoid social media and everything surrounding it these days. Plus, in our defence, the logo change was quite a drastic one haha 🙂


  4. I hate the new logo. I really liked Instagram a lot more before Facebook bought it & I feel like they are just trying to change it & make it their own. The only change they’ve made that I have really enjoyed is the minute long videos. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken.

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