Oftomes publishing: Book review and summer sale

It’s been too long since I mentioned Oftomes publishing on my blog, so I thought, seeing as I do have quite a lot to tell you all, I’d write a post now. This is going to include my long awaited New World: Ashes book review, and the list of Oftomes books which are currently on sale on Kindle. It’s all very exciting, so without further ado, here is everything you need to know about my favourite micro-publisher.

Let’s start with my review of the amazing read that is New World:Ashes. If you’ve never heard of the series, I’ll also leave a link to my previous posts about it 🙂

Rating – ****


A thrilling dystopian read which left me wanting more. Yet again Wilson has created a story that not only exceeded my expectations, but also proved to be a worthy sequel to the equally exhilarating New World:Rising. A must read that will have you gripped from the very start.

Having read a significant amount of trilogies, I was thrilled to discover that this book didn’t suffer from the dreaded ‘second book syndrome’. In fact, it only increased my level of enthusiasm for the series by building on the strong foundations that were formed within the first book. The foundations that included the creation of strong willed, yet equally flawed characters, that I became even more invested in as I read on.

From the very start I was consumed by the visceral and descriptive writing style that Wilson utilised, something that made Phoenix’s suffering all too real at times. As a result, I not only rooted for her, but I became invested in the girl who had survived so much, yet always remained true to herself. I particularly appreciated the way her character was afforded the vulnerabilities and flaws that all humans possess, but not all fictional characters actually have. This was yet another testament to Jennifer as an author.

The development of old characters, and the introduction of new ones, was perfectly balanced throughout. In fact, this use of characterisation only added to my intrigue and made the plot twists more of a surprise than an obvious part of the story. Without revealing any spoilers…not everyone is who they appear to be.

Overall, I would highly recommend reading this series and immersing yourself within this fictional world. It was so exciting to learn about the elusive ‘sanctuary’ which had seemed more like a phantom, than a tangible setting, in comparison to the previous Tartarus surroundings. Just be prepared, the ending will leave you desperately wanting more.

Oftomes summer sale

As a part of the Oftomes summer sale, all of the following books are on sale on Kindle throughout this weekend! Help support these lovely authors, and enjoy reading their work by making the most of
this sale. The prices are low and the books are well worth the read. 🙂
(Disclaimer – all of the Goodreads links will be attached to the title of the book)
Happy reading!
Until next time keep dreaming x

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