Camp Nanowrimo winner 2016

It’s been nearly two weeks since camp Nanowrimo ended, and I was overjoyed that I’d actually manage to reach the 50,000 word goal! Unlike some people, I’m not a fast writer, nor can I convince myself to write 2500 words everyday. Nevertheless, I made sure that I kept to a schedule, and set myself my own word goals to stay on target.

What was your camp Nanowrimo project?

It was my current WIP, which means it was technically a second draft of my dystopian novel.

What encouraged you to keep going?

Firstly, I am still determined to finish my second draft before I start uni, which means writing everyday, and writing well. Secondly…Scrivener. I’ve been wanting to get scrivener for as long as writing started to become more than just a petty hobby. So many authors seemed to love it and I wanted to finally take a step up, say goodbye to the endless pages I had to scroll through on word, and really hone my writing. Just in case you don’t know, you get a discount for Scrivener when you win camp Nanowrimo. That’s a pretty great incentive to keep going if you ask me.


Since finishing camp Nanowrimo, I’ve managed to write as often as possible, even if my current word count is only 54,580 words. My time has also been spent re-organising my work on Scrivener, which is a lot more tedious than you would think. Neverthlesss, I think I’m on track to reaching my end of draft 2 goal by the end of September.

If you’re struggling to stay motivated, just remember, you can’t publish an unfinished story. First drafts will never be perfect, but they’re better than a blank page.

Until next time keep dreaming x



3 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo winner 2016

    1. Thank you! My best advice is write as much as you can but don’t pressure yourself too much. I struggled last year and I only completed this one because I was editing and not starting from scratch. Good luck 🙂

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