My little trip to Edinburgh (photo edition)

Since this post is scheduled for quite a few weeks after I went to Edinburgh, I’ve decided to mainly focus on the photos I captured during my trip. I hope you enjoy this post and fall in love with Edinburgh just as much as me. 


Arthur’s seat

I didn’t manage to actually walk up to the top, or get anywhere near, but I did get a few photos with it in the background.

Holyrood Palace

I love history and any excuse to visit a beautiful place like a Palace. From marvelling at the beautiful ornate rooms inside, to exploring the gardens, it really didn’t disappoint.

Camera Obscura

I had so much fun here and it was a really nice break from the rest of the sightseeing. Since there are so many activities on every floor, I feel like my descriptions just wouldn’t be good enough.  Just note that if you do visit Edinburgh, this might be worth a visit.

Also, just in case you were wondering, my favourite section was the part with the mirrored lights. (Captured in the second photo)

Royal Britannia

This was well worth a little trip out of the centre of Edinburgh and proved to be a family favourite. Yet again, I found the history aspect of it fascinating and loved walking around getting photos as well.


I hope you enjoyed this brief post and will continue to come back to my little patch of the internet again. I loved Edinburgh and can’t wait to visit again. 

Until next time keep dreaming x


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