Fiction Friday -When dreams come alive

Once upon a time, I slept without waking up…for a night. But my mind was awake because of my dreams. Once upon a time, I stayed awake without falling asleep…for a day. But my mind was tired because of my dreams. Dreams lead from peaceful nights to long days. Dreams lead from hopeful days to never ending nights. Dreams create hopes, and they also create fears. Sometimes, they take so many forms that you forget the meaning, or overuse the word. But they exist for a reason. They exist to hopefully, if we’re lucky, make us feel like the luckiest person alive. Whether your dreams become real the moment you shut your eyes, or the moment they open up, is up to you. I’m hoping for the latter.


I hope you enjoyed this piece of short prose. Let me know what you thought in the comments and which kind of dreamer you are.

Until next time keep dreaming x



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