Writing: The art of being misunderstood

Writing is a very personal thing for me. It’s raw, and real. It’s flawed, and shows that as a human being, I am too.

As I write this, I’m crying. I could go into specific details as to why, but I’m not going to. Just know, somebody read some of my personal writing, and were surprised. I’d always smiled and seemed so happy…positive even. But my writing didn’t reflect that, and for some unknown reason, they didn’t understand.

I started writing because of a bereavement, and since then, loss has remained a constant within my writing life. That doesn’t mean that I don’t try to share my humorous side, I do. But writing isn’t just a hobby, or a project for me. It’s a significant part of my life, whether I choose to share it with others or not.

I have anxiety. I’m a perfectionist, an over-thinker, and my own worst critic. I set myself un-achievable goals and dismiss the smaller ones. I live my life on the basis of “What could I be doing better?”, instead of “you’re doing just fine”. It’s a cycle that never ends and it’s draining.

Recently, I’ve been feeling so content, and I know that when the sun rises, I will feel like that once more. However, I will also feel different. I will wake up ready to write, and I will go to sleep happy with whatever words made it onto the page. Not everyone will understand how you write, or why you do. So, to the person who didn’t understand, I’m sorry that I don’t make sense, and that my writing didn’t make you laugh. I am who I am, and I write the way I write.

Until next time keep dreaming x


10 thoughts on “Writing: The art of being misunderstood

  1. there are always people who read what we write and they don’t like it. Or they don’t get it. This happens to me now and then and it always hurts my feelings…especially if the thing I wrote was intended to be satire, or a joke, or humor. I write all kinds of things, poetry being my favorite. Sometimes I write a slightly snarky thing that someone is offended by, or is annoyed for whatever reason. I would like to say that I just ignore these critics…but those are the ones that get to me the most. Funny but sad, isnt it?

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    1. Thank you for commenting! It is difficult to accept criticism and move on, but i know it’s the best thing to do. In relation to this post, I wrote it after receiving feedback from my creative writing lecturer about my life writing assignment. I wrote this post before I got chance to clarify my feedback, which no longer seems as harsh as it once did. However, I still wanted to share this post in the hope that others could relate. I’m so happy that you took the time to respond. Good luck with your future writing projects 🙂


      1. I’ve been writing for at least 75 years, and have had my share of criticism starting with my mother who said my 12-year-old novel was “childish.” The worst was a couple of years ago when I commented on another blog…a reader took the first 5 words and proceeded to block the rest of my post with a post-it. Really. She stated that she didn’t care what I said, would not read anything I tried to say, and said I was
        “a rude, ignorant stranger.” Yes…I know that is dumb of me, but what she thought I was going to say was NOT what I said at all. She went on to report me to WordPress as harassing her. NO! That incident burns like a hot coal in my chest…call me whatever bad things come to mind but at least be true about it. 🙂


      2. That’s awful! I appreciate all comments, within reason, because interacting with other bloggers makes it all worthwhile. Hopefully that never happens again 🙂


      3. well, creative writing instructors often think it is their duty to criticize their students’ work. I never taught creative writing, but when grading college student papers I never said anything mean….or even overly critical. Even a wishy-washy negative remark can sting to the core. One of my critics said I should stick to writing poetry and not try to write political stuff. 🙂


      4. I completely understand the purpose of constructive criticism and I do really appreciate it. However, some of this feedback was personal and seemed unnecessary since my writing was about my life. However, the comments make sense now that they have been explained properly.


      5. Exactly! It’s ironic that I’m studying English with creative writing and I’m constantly being told to be clear and concise. Yet, sometimes me feedback is anything but.


      6. I studied French for Proficiency for my doctorate studies. On the final I scored a C+….not good! The instructor stated that my “translations were beautiful, but not fast enough…” so what I gained in precision of form was lost in the speed race.


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