Writing update: Editing and…self – doubt

Yesterday, whilst listening to a random, “Concentration inducing” playlist on Spotify, I decided to write an impromptu post. It was about perspective, and the perspective in which we choose to have throughout our lives. The kind of perspective that had been inspired by my latest read, which got me thinking, why have I been neglecting my own book? So, here I am to tell you the reasons why. Why have I continued to edit draft 3? Why did I stop editing at all?

If you know me by now, you’ll know that I’ve been working on the same book since long before I started this blog. You will also have, with a bit of luck, followed my journey from finishing the first draft to starting the third. Now, as happy as this all seems, I’d like to reveal some less optimistic truths.

Over the past few years, I’ve wrote with passion, and then stopped because of self-doubt. Therefore, when I decided to study an English with Creative Writing degree, I didn’t think about the latter. I wanted to improve my writing, and I truly thought that I would receive the constructive criticism to do so. Yet, just a few months ago, having been left in a writing slump because of my creative assignments, I started to wonder if I’d made the right decision. For I’d wanted to improve, and boost my own confidence, not make it worse.

So, fast forward to now and I’ve started editing my book again, and writing blog posts, despite a 3000 word essay lingering unfinished. If anything, I’ve realised that my book is as imperfect as ever, and even though I’m trying my hardest, it’s okay for this to be the truth. After all, we’ve all got to start somewhere, and although we’re living in a world where anything seems possible, instant gratification isn’t always that easy to find. In the case of writing a book, it doesn’t exist. Editing, hard work and sleepless nights exist. And for now, that will have to be good enough.

When I finished writing the second draft, I had planned to send it to beta readers. However, I wanted to make it better than it was. I wanted to hand over a book that I was proud of, not just because an entire draft had been finished. Despite this, I’m reaching the point where I can only edit so much on my own. I need feedback to help me discover any plot holes that I’ve managed to overlook. I need other people to understand my characters, and hopefully, support them as they go on their tumultuous journey. I need others to step inside the world that I’ve created because without reader’s feedback, I fear the book will never quite be done.

So, let’s raise a glass to another writing update about editing, and self-doubt. My book may not be perfect, but it’s entirely my own. I’ve created a world, and an entire set of characters, who I hope to one day share with you all.


Since I have often been quite secretive about my work-in-progress, I was wondering if you wanted me to start publishing some posts about my book. I recently completed a marketing assignment for it, and I would be happy to share little snippets along the way. Let me know in the comments what you think. 🙂

Until next time keep dreaming x


7 thoughts on “Writing update: Editing and…self – doubt

  1. That’s awesome that you have completed your blog! Editing is such a huge portion of the process. Try reading it out loud to someone, that helped me edit so much because I saw mistakes I missed the first few times, and I was also able to gauge the listener’s reactions to parts of my story. If they seemed bored, I knew I should add in some more action. If they seemed confused, I knew to flesh out parts of the story. It also helped me know where to start and end certain paragraphs to allow for cliff hangers and such. Best of luck to you!

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    1. Thank you so much! I might have to try the whole ‘reading it aloud thing’. Editing has definitely been more of a challenge than I’d expected, but I’m hoping it will all be worth it in the end x


  2. I’m so glad for you. I think it’s good if you reach out to someone and ask their opinion about your book. I think it would help you greatly on how to improve the book! Anyways, best of luck for your book! 🙂

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