Small successes and a bit of good luck.

In a world full of rejection, small successes, and dare I say, a bit of good luck, are hard to find. Yet, here I am, ready to tell you all that I have recently been blessed with both. For as of right now, I am the new social media assistant for the Scrittura online magazine! I have also finished my second year of university, but I’ll leave that for another post.


Having started my blog as an aspiring writer, who also dreams of having a career in publishing, it seems only fitting that I tell you about my new role. Starting this week, I will be able to tweet, and write Facebook posts, about submission deadlines and future publications of the magazine itself. I will even be able to dabble in my own writing as I create writing prompts to help my fellow writers. It’s an exciting new venture, and I hope that you will be interested enough to follow the magazine alongside me.

The masterminds behind Scrittura are three lovely girls…Valentina, Yasmin and Catherine. They have created seven issues of the magazine thus far, and enabled many budding writers such as yourself, to share their work. So, as they continue to keep the magazine running, I just hope that I can help them reach more readers, and of course, writers as well.

I will link below all of Scrittura Magazine’s social media links. Hopefully you will enjoy reading past and present issues, or submitting your own creative work in the future.

Scrittura Magazine (Website)

Scrittura magazine (Facebook)

Scrittura Magazine (Twitter)

Until next time keep dreaming x


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