Being a Feminist.

I’m a feminist, and I hope that if you’ve taken the time out of your day to read this post,then you are too.

It will come as no surprise, considering the success of the women’s marches just a few months ago, that a new feminist wave is on its way. Being an English student who has spent modules learning about said waves, it’s clear to me that our modern world will be approaching this one very differently.

We live in a world where everything is at the touch of a button, or the click of a screen. Where live videos stream news before the ‘official’ outlets are able to report it. Where twitter tells me more about current affairs than the TV screen I’d once relied upon. It’s a time where we can all have an online platform, if we wish to have one. Gone are the days of the priveleged few.

Rewind back to a few months ago, when I was scrolling through my twitter feed, and watching the women’s marches unfold. Suddenly, I felt a part of something that was much bigger than myself. I wasn’t able to march alongside the men and women that were fighting for something so much greater than all of us. But I was watching, supporting, silently cheering them on. I was hoping, alongside so many others, that these marches would shine brightly over the dark days to come.

It became apparent to me in 2016 that some people, whilst believing in the concept of equality, didn’t want to be associated with the term ‘feminist’ itself. At first, I struggled to understand, but eventually I did. In the past, feminism was seen as a movement directed at females for females. It didn’t matter that women just wanted to be equal to men, and not in fact, against men. The latter a notion that was wrongly promoted, and thus, tainted the entire movement itself.

I’m a feminist, who strives to become more educated, and well-read, each day. I hope for equality. Equality that surpasses gender constraints, and racial slurs. I hope to live in a world where we aren’t defined by anything except our own actions, which advocate positive change, even if they are only small acts of kindness.  A world where we are all categorised as the human beings we are, and not the stereotypes that have been placed upon us.

What does feminism, and equality, mean to you? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time keep dreaming x


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