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Hello, my future beta reader…

Dear my future beta reader,

It’s time for you to read the book that I’m still editing. I could maybe wait a bit longer, finish this entire draft first, but I’ve spent too long keeping this story to myself. I need feedback. Constructive, honest, and encouraging feedback. The king of feedback that will let me know that there is a light at the end of this editing tunnel.


Book details:

Title: The Unveiled

Genre: Young – Adult dystopian

Setting: Scotland

Protagonists: Amelia Florel and Sila Benton



Their ancestors believed that to declare an oath for the system was to declare hope for humanity itself, but times have changed.

Oliver Florel created a system of order, but Amelia Florel lives in the midst of a different world, in a system which has since taken a turn for the worst. In a futuristic Scotland, the Infinite System determines your division, and the path that your life will take.  Amelia Florel is a shielded, a privileged teen who struggles to assert the role that her family name has forged for her. Sila Benton is a guarded, a teen who lives under the shadow of her brother’s mistakes, and her family’s misfortunes. When they both turn eighteen, they know their test is looming, and nervously await the results. The results that will decide whether you become an official member, or live elsewhere as an unveiled. Circumstance split them apart before, but now it will be exactly what brings them together.

In the age of the Florelian era, Amelia’s father Edward is the cold – hearted leader feared by many, including the family who live under his rule. However, even the most powerful have secrets. When Edward Florel attempts to hide the mistakes of his past, the oppressed choose to rise above. When the Florelian era comes under threat, who will prevail? Maybe the only option is to let it all burn?


If you are interested in becoming one of my beta readers, please fill out the form below. I am hoping to send the first few chapters within the next month, and will continue to do so until I have finished editing draft 3 of the manuscript.

Currently, I am hoping to select five beta readers.

I hope to hear from you all soon.

Until next time keep dreaming x




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