Life update: Where have I been?

August is upon us, and I’ve failed to achieve most of my summer blogging goals already. So, this is a catch up post. Where have I been? What has been occupying my time?

To begin with, I’ve been socialising…A LOT. Having struggled with loneliness during previous summer breaks, I’ve made a conscious effort to see friends more often this year. I may have been for one too many cocktails, or ate too much cake with my coffee, but it’s been so lovely to feel present in my friend’s lives. After all, graduation is merely a year away, and after that, the real adulting will begin.

Secondly, I’ve been writing again. To say that I had stopped entirely would be a lie of course. However, studying a creative degree doesn’t always come with perks, and one of the downfalls I have realised is…writer’s block. When you have to write a short prose for an assignment, editing your much longer, novel length manuscript, doesn’t seem like the best option. *closes Netflix app*

Thirdly, I’ve been on a few trips, albeit mostly to the same places. Last month, I visited Oxford and London multiple times, which of course, meant that my laptop was left safely at home. Unfortunately for you, whilst my Instagram has been updated regularly, this blog has not.

Finally, the most unexciting reason of all, I’ve been stressed. Looking back on the past few months, it would be wrong for me to say that I haven’t enjoyed myself. However, as the third year of uni approaches, I fear that I may be expecting too much. Having gotten a first in previous years, I’m determined to finish my degree with that exact grade. Yet, I didn’t have so much to think about before, and I’m worried that I’m going to be overworked…

Here are some of the goals I hope to check off my list:

  • Plan and host my 21st birthday party (Go big or go home, right?)
  • Set, and achieve my self-imposed writing deadlines.
  • Post daily for the Scrittura magazine.
  • Pass my driving test.
  • Volunteer at the local library.
  • Run a university society.
  • Continue to apply for publishing work experience.
  • Read ‘most’ of the books on my assigned reading list.
  • Keep my first grade point average.
  • Try not to get too stressed.

Despite the list being longer than I would have liked, it is there for a reason. If I want to be successful both academically, and career wise,  I need to stay on top of my grades and extra curricular responsibilities. So, here’s hoping I can multitask.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this short post, and will continue to support this blog in the future. I may not post as consistently as I would like, but this blog isn’t going anywhere. So, if you enjoyed reading this post, or you have some ideas for future ones, please comment below. It’s always such a joy to interact with all of you.

Until next time keep dreaming x


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