Oftomes: The Starbright series by Hilary Thompson

My blogging schedule may not be the best at the moment, but I always enjoy sharing bookish news with you...especially news which involves my favourite micro-publishing company Oftomes! Do you enjoy reading dystopian books as much as me? Perhaps you are getting tired of the classic trilogy, and want to read something more. Lucky for … Continue reading Oftomes: The Starbright series by Hilary Thompson


My Goodreads reading challenge 2016

In January, like most Goodsreads users, I set myself a reading challenge. My consisted of reading 15 books this year and although that isn't half as big as some people's goals, I was sceptical I would succeed... Now, in the middle of October, I'm happy to tell you all that I have read 17 books … Continue reading My Goodreads reading challenge 2016