Goodbye 2017…Dear 2018

The clock turned midnight, and I was relieved to say goodbye to 2017. It was the year that changed so much, and in many ways, changed me alongside it. So, this is a post for the hopeful. The ones who dream too often, and believe that, no matter how difficult life may get, there will … Continue reading Goodbye 2017…Dear 2018


The next chapter…

Soon I will embark on my final year of university, and after that, everything will change. I'm hopeful for the future, but my tendency to forget to live in the present, is what has inspired this project. The next chapter will mark the end of my short lived BookTube channel, and the start of something new. … Continue reading The next chapter…

Expectations: Limitless or Limiting?

Expectations seem to control life as we know it. They are a significant and sometimes all-consuming part of life. Everyone seems to view them differently. Sometimes they cloud our judgments and prevent us from just being ourselves. Sometimes they encourage people to achieve something they had never believed possible. For me personally I can't really … Continue reading Expectations: Limitless or Limiting?